As countries around the world work to tackle the spread of Covid-19, the threat of business interruption has become real, throwing arrangements into disarray, disrupting workforce, and upsetting the global economy.

At home, the government has begun issuing various countermeasures and relief for businesses and public alike. The following is a summary of legislation and government updates issued to navigate the Covid-19 outbreak. Our team continues to assess developments, which will be issued in the weeks to come.

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Seeking Clarity in the Government's Recent Tax Incentives

11 April 2020

In the past weeks, we have seen numerous tax incentives and facilities. The Directorate General of Taxes recently issued two FAQ documents that give more details of some of these incentives and facilities. While these FAQs are not binding, they can be a useful point of reference for taxpayers.

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Government Issues More Tax Policies in Response to Covid-19

2 April 2020

On 31 March 2020, the government issued more tax policies and incentives. While most of these are aimed at protecting businesses from the impact of Covid-19, the government also taps into the potential fiscal revenue of e-commerce transactions by introducing the electronic transaction tax.

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Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Incentives to Tackle the Spread of Covid-19

1 April 2020

Following its establishment, the National Disaster Management Authority (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana) has teamed up with the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to issue Joint Standard Operational Procedure No. 01/BNP/2020 or No. KEP-113/BC/2020 on Accelerated Service for the Import of Goods for Covid-19’s Mitigation. In this summary, we examine the fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for goods imported to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak.

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