Dani is a senior digital forensics specialist and a senior associate at AHP’s Forensics and Fraud Investigation practice group. Having worked in both the public and private sectors for 15 years, Dani holds deep knowledge of software systems and is experienced in running investigations of security breaches and combating fraud. Prior to joining AHP in 2020, Dani led the digital forensics team under the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) Group for Bank Mandiri - Indonesia’s largest state-owned bank. Here, Dani successfully implemented rigorous, international standard (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) systems for quality management in the bank’s digital forensic lab and developed international standard (ISO/IEC 27037) guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence.

In the public sector, Dani honed his skills through ten years’ experience with the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), where he managed teams in the KPK’s digital forensics division. Dani established the KPK’s E-Discovery project, developed the workflow model for e-discovery business processes, set-up specialised planning and procedural monitoring systems for case management, storage management and reporting. Dani also spent several years as an IT specialist in the operational division of the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Dani has also completed a suite of professional training certificates on information technology, forensic investigation and analysis. A strong proponent of knowledge transfer and educating next-gen specialists, Dani regularly holds training programs on Digital Forensics Concepts and Investigation based on the Indonesian Criminal Code and Indonesian laws relating to information and electronic transactions.