AHP Partner Nominated for Prestigious Social Entrepreneur Award

We are pleased to announce that AHP Competition Partner, Mr. HMBC Rikrik Riskiyana, SH, has been selected as one of the two finalists for the prestigious EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in recognition of his work with the Cugenang Gifted School, which he co-founded.

Each year, EY recognizes an outstanding individual who “has created and leads an organization, whether for-profit or not, that is aimed at catalyzing large scale and systemic social change through the introduction of new ideas, methodologies and changes in attitude.”

This certainly applies in the case of Rikrik’s work with the Cugenang Gifted School in Cianjur, West Java, which was established in 2008 by Rikrik and Vovo Iswanto, SH (co-founders of the Riskiyana & Iswanto law firm, now merged with AHP), after they realized that something had to be done to address the educational needs of gifted children from disadvantaged families in Cianjur, an economically deprived area of West Java.

Gifted children are characterized by exceptional IQs (>130) and high levels of commitment and creativity that set them apart from their peers. While their extraordinary talents should be a blessing, in many cases such children find themselves isolated from other children and neglected by the official education system. As a consequence, they require special educational services that are not available in ordinary schools

The Cugenang Gifted School, which is the first of its kind in Indonesia and is located on grounds extending to some 1.3 hectares in area, provides free education to gifted children from needy families at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. The aim is to ensure that the unique talents of each child are encouraged and nurtured in a friendly and comfortable educational environment so as to optimize their potential. Upon completion of nine years of education at the school, students are ready to pursue a college education in Indonesia or overseas, armed with strong character and the knowledge and skills they need.

Currently some 22 gifted children from needy families are enrolled in the school, which operates on a boarding basis. The school’s operations are funded through the personal endowments of the founders and members of the Yayasan Kinyarya Didaktika Foundation (which manages the school), donations, and bequests and endowments by individuals, corporations and charitable organizations.

AHP, through the AHP Foundation, is proud to be a sponsor of the Cugenang Gifted School.



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