Fraud & Forensics Investigation


  • Investigations – investigating allegation of financial reporting fraud, bribery and corruption, and any fraudulent activities done by employee, middle management, top management, shareholders or third parties; and providing litigation support.
  • Compliance – executing a comprehensive anti-corruption compliance program that incorporate forensic data analytics and anti-bribery and corruption training.
  • Forensic data analytics – combining forensic investigation knowledge with advanced data analytical techniques to identify areas of potential fraud, bribery and corruption whether it is in the form of improper transactions, noncompliance with laws, regulatory or company policies.
  • Legal analytics and early case assessment – generating early case assessment reports using legal analytics, agile processing and data sampling methodologies to provide insights for strategic planning, resource requirements and cost management.
  • Risk assessment – conducting risk management assessment for fraud, bribery and corruption, as well as anti-money laundering.
  • Due diligence and compliance review – undertaking FCPA due diligence or compliance review and vendor due diligence, as well as analysing watch list and sanctions.
  • Data preservation, collection and hosting – assisting legal or investigation teams in identifying, preserving and collecting all pertinent data sources, in addition to providing agnostic e-discovery hosting solutions.
  • Forensic technology advisory services – combining forensic technology and legal expertise to ensure effective and impenetrable evidence management methodologies, as well as assisting in data recovery, forensic analysis on computers, mobile devices and cloud storage, cyber forensics and provision of expert witness services.

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