Shipping & Aviation


The country's shipping industry appears set for a period of unparalleled expansion following the recent prohibition on cabotage (i.e., carriage of passengers and goods by foreign registered vessels between Indonesian ports). To accommodate the needs of ship owners, charterers, and marine insurers, we provide advice on all aspects of shipping law, including ship finance & security, sale and purchase, disputes arising out of charter parties, bills of lading, insurance, and collisions, and all other admiralty matters.

In the aviation sector, we provide advice on aircraft financing, sale and purchase, and statutory obligations related to aviation. As in the case of shipping, the aviation industry is of the utmost importance in an archipelagic nation such as Indonesia, and has expanded exponentially in recent years with the advent of the budget-airline sector. We believe that our strength and expertise in this area is amply demonstrated by the fact that we count a number of high-profile aviation-related companies among our general advisory clients.

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