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Indonesia has seen exponential growth in the telecommunications sector over the last decade in line with the inexorable rollout of cellular services across the archipelago. Similarly, the liberalization of the media sector (print, broadcast and online) more than a decade ago has resulted in an explosion in the industry that has, for example, seen an increase in the number of national TV stations from one state broadcaster to more than ten private channels.

All of this has led to significant growth in the demand for legal advice on telecommunications and media issues, an area of the law in which AHP is at the forefront. Besides having a professional interest in the telecommunications and media sectors, all of our lawyers in the T&M practice share a genuine passion for what they do and are therefore able to offer a combination of solid legal knowhow and an excellent understanding of the two industries, the technical aspects, the principal factors at work, and the key players in Indonesia. Thanks to our unmatched knowledge of the Indonesian telecommunications industry, we have also been entrusted to assist on a series of high-profile debt and equity offerings by prominent industry operators.

In the media sector, over the years we have advised a large number of companies in the print, broadcast and online sectors on their proposed acquisitions, establishment of new ventures and regulatory and content issues, including libel risks.

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